Slip holder

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Slip holders are the optimal solution for labelling containers and boxes

Slip holders made of transparent plastic are particularly suitable for labelling goods in containers and on pallets for transport. They are used to hold kanban cards following VDA standard 4092, which contain all the essential information such as manufacturer, product designation, article number, dimensions. Place the document holders over the edge of containers and remove them at any time. Slip holders are reusable by merely inserting a new card and moving the slip holder to another location.

Protection from dirt and dust with LPS slip holders

The plastic is transparent and provides adequate protection for the cards in the slip holder. A kanban sleeve can additionally protect the paper card from moisture and humidity. Also, thanks to the slip holders, no tears or creases occur during transport. You can easily replace the paper cards.

Slip holders are available in various formats:

  • Slip holder ¼ DIN A4
  • Slip holder DIN A5

They have an open side for inserting kanban cards.

Convenient and clear labelling

Use LPS slip holders for clearly labelling articles, goods, containers. They offer optimal flexibility. You can remove the kanban cards/paper inserts, re-label or replace them at any time. All relevant information such as manufacturer, designation, SKU, quantities and other details are printed on the cards. Thanks to the slip holders, the kanban sleeves made of transparent plastic are always clearly visible. LPS slip holders optimise production, transport and storage.

On request, we can supply customised slip holders according to your specifications. Please contact our sales department if you have any questions.