Info pockets

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Info pockets - transparent document holders for all smooth surfaces

Info pockets allow you to display documents or photos neatly and professionally. They adhere to magnetically or self-adhesively to walls or cabinets. You can replace the information sheets at any time. There is an opening on the long side of the info pockets through which you can insert new documents at any time. You can order the information pockets in the colour of your choice. The different versions offer the right info pocket for every purpose.

Info pockets are available in the formats DIN A2, DIN A3, DIN A4 and DIN A5.

Headings for info pockets

Titles for info pockets are a useful add on. Together with the headings, the info pockets get an even more visual impact. The titles for info pockets are available in DIN A3 landscape / DIN A3 portrait, DIN A3 landscape / DIN A5 portrait and DIN A4 landscape and DIN A3 portrait. The titles are available in various colours. Titles are ideal for information boards.

Photo pockets and information boards

An alternative to information pockets is photo pockets with individual motifs. For example, you can present your employees or your company with photo pockets. The photo pouches are magnetic and can therefore adhere to any metallic surface.

The organisation and information boards are also ideal for presentations. Insert the photos in 60 x 80 mm into the magnetic photo pockets and organise them according to your needs on an information board. Replace the titles whenever you need them. Besides, you can use the name field to give the photo a description, such as your department's name. You can freely choose the colour of the organisation board.

You can fill information boards with sheets in DIN A4 and DIN A3 sizes. Heading fields offer the possibility to group topics. An individual design with your printer is possible at any time. The headings, as well as the info sheets, can always be exchanged quickly and conveniently.

Thus, info pockets, photo pockets, and organisation and information boards are practical and a visual enrichment for your office.

On request, we can supply customised info pouches and photo pouches according to your specifications. Please contact our sales department if you have any questions.