Hanging signs

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Hanging signs for orientation in large rooms, warehouses and production halls.

Hanging signs are useful wherever people need to orient themselves or mark specific areas. Hanging signs indicate separate areas or parking spaces indoors and outdoors. You can thus create information signs or directional signs for your company or your warehouses.

Information or warning signs are also often needed in hospitals, public facilities and wholesale markets. With a glance at the ceiling, employees and visitors can easily find their way around. Use hanging signs to indicate the way to the cafeteria or to designate parking spaces in the multi-storey car park as employee parking spaces.

Hanging signs are available in DIN A4 portrait and DIN A3 landscape sizes.

Hanging signs with individual lettering

With the help of a transparent cover closed at the bottom and a coloured plastic rail on the side, you can fix the sheets inside the signs. Replace hanging signs at any time when required. Also, individual inscriptions are possible so that you can use the signs as needed.

You can also create professional signs with a simple laser printer. The transparent outer cover protects the sheets inside from water, dust and dirt. Therefore, hanging signs are also more visually appealing than simple papers on the wall and can also be placed outdoors or in dusty warehouses. Besides, the signs stand out clearly on the ceiling or wall, so hanging signs can also be coloured or used as warning signs. If required, you can also print out a logo or pictogram and insert it into the hanging signs when you need to mark for example, to mark restricted areas.

Attaching hanging signs

Clips and nylon cord attach the hanging signs to any wall. Hanging the signs is very easy with transparent clips that are attached to the sign. Transparent nylon cords also provide a secure hold; there is no need for time-consuming drilling or screwing. The easy attachment to the wall and the possibility of changing the inscription make these hanging signs incredibly flexible for companies. In contrast to glued or screwed signs, the lettering can be moved and replaced at any time. Even if you only need the hanging signs in your company for a short time, for example, to additionally mark a danger area, they are very well suited.

On request, we can supply customised hanging signs according to your specifications. Please contact our sales department if you have any questions.