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Label holder – the optimal solution for warehouse and production

Label holders are the all-purpose labelling solution. They are ideal for both conventional warehousing and automated warehousing. The label holders are suitable for attaching to shelves and containers. For automated warehousing, it is advisable to print the label holders with a QR code or barcode so that the robots can find their way around.

Using label holders as very flexible aids

Label holders are very flexible aids for marking shelves or other storage locations. They can usually be easily and securely attached to different types of shelves. Label holders are available with various external and internal dimensions from 35 x 110 mm to 80 x 160 mm. There is an opening at the top into which you can insert the pre-printed labels. In this way, you can mark individual shelf areas and entire shelf widths with label holders. Besides, the label holders are available in different colours and provide an excellent overview. The label holders are made of PVC and are robust and durable in everyday use.

Simple labelling

Replacing labels or moving them to a different location is very easy. The information in the label holders is perfectly legible and scannable. Changing labels is child's play. Insert tags quickly into the holders. You can also change the position of the label holders at any time. Label holders protect the papers or tickets inside from dust, dirt and creases, and you can use them for a long time. If you wish to reuse them, label a new card with new information and fix it on a new shelf with the label holder!

Cardboard inserts for label holders

DIN A4 cardboard inserts are available to match the label holders. You can insert these pre-perforated cards precisely into the label holders. You can easily print the DIN A4 sheets with standard inkjet and laser printers and, thanks to the perforation, can be easily detached from the sheet. This way, each shelf is labelled precisely, and all the necessary information displays on the label.

Other applications

You can mark not only shelves but also cupboards or file holders with label holders. This way, the right files and documents are always at hand. For the office and archive, label holders with matching cardboard inserts are convenient for bringing order and clarity to files and documents. The flexible use, simple labelling and easy replacement of the cards are clear advantages of label holders that make them valuable office helpers.

On request, we can supply customised label holders according to your specifications. Please contact our sales department if you have any Questions.