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Display pockets - all-purpose labelling solution

Whether in production or the warehouse, in transport or retail: display pockets are convenient helpers for creating order, maintaining an overview and ensuring efficient work processes. They are used to mark goods and stock and to display important information visibly. This information can appear on kanban cards, article or order information, labels or other details that need to be available quickly. But display pockets not only reduce search times. Display pockets also protect their interior from damage caused by wear and tear, dirt, dust or moisture and prevent important information from getting lost.

LPS display pockets are made of PVC hard film with a minimum film thickness of 0.18 mm and thus have a durable and resilient cover. Order from us in small quantities or benefit from our quantity discounts. We also offer sample products as well as the possibility of custom-made products. Please contact us: We will be happy to help you choose the right display pockets for your company's requirements! With our production in Germany, we stand for high quality, which is worthwhile for you!

Display pockets in different designs

The practical organisation aids are available in different colours, sizes and designs. We tell you what you should look out for when choosing visual pockets.

Display pockets in different colours

Display pockets are transparent on the front to ensure that their contents are visible. Completely transparent display pockets show everything necessary at a glance. However, depending on the application, coloured display pockets can also classify the contents correctly from a distance. According to a specific colour system, sorting can offer additional functionality and help create order even more efficiently. We provide transparent display pockets and display pockets in red, yellow, green, blue, light blue, orange, purple, pink, grey, white or black.

Display pockets in different sizes and formats

Small display pockets get lost on large containers. They also do not provide enough space for every purpose. On the other hand, large display pockets are out of the question for small boxes. To ensure that you find exactly the right display pockets for your objectives, we offer you various formats based on the DIN standards for paper, envelopes and mailing bags and thus provide a perfect fit. From handy designs in DIN A7 size to display pockets with bigger information surfaces as offered by formats such as DIN A4 or DIN A3: You will find the right one for you. DIN A4 is the German default format for the paper. DIN A5, DIN A6 and DIN A3 are also very popular. LPS provides the following sizes:

  • DIN A3 portrait and landscape format (for large information surfaces)
  • DIN A4 portrait and landscape format (widely used, easy to handle)
  • DIN A5 landscape format (widespread, easy to handle)
  • 1/3 DIN A4 ( format specially developed for the transport of Kanban cards according to VDA standard 4902 (VDA = German Automobile Manufacturers Association)
  • DIN A4 storage letters can also be transported well protected on the container)
  • DIN A6 portrait and landscape format (for Kanban types and tickets)
  • DIN A7 landscape format (popular for Kanbank types and tickets)

We offer visual pockets in both portrait and landscape format. You can choose whether your display pockets have openings on the small or the long side. Please also pay attention to the inner and outer dimensions. You will find the technical data on the respective product detail pages.

Display pockets with rain protection

Do you want your Display pockets to withstand extreme weather conditions? Then choose display pockets with rain protection. Select this variant on the product detail pages. They provide extra protection and protect important documents - even when exposed to rain.

Attachment options for display pockets

If you want to mark goods, containers or shelves in an obvious way, you should also consider the fastening options of display pockets. On some objects, such as containers, you can use the inserts specifically for labelling. If these are missing, other fastening options come into play.

Hanging display pockets

We provide various options for hanging display pockets. You can attach them with industrial hooks, strings or cable ties. Metal clips are very suitable for mesh boxes or containers with thick walls. On the other hand, plastic pegs are perfect for pressing into soft material such as cardboard, foil or plastic. Holding brackets are used for cardboard boxes or crates. Versions with suction pads are the right solution for smooth surfaces.

Self-adhesive display pockets

Self-adhesive display pockets have an adhesive foam strip on the back, providing a secure and robust hold even on uneven surfaces. In general, display pockets hold very well on metal, plastic, wood, or glass surfaces. As self-adhesive display pockets are also able to withstand vibrations, they are also well suited for transport.

Display pockets with magnetic tape

Easy to apply, easy to remove: magnetic pockets score points for their convenient handling, as you can use them on all magnetic surfaces, i.e. ferrous, metal containers, wire mesh boxes, storage shelves or even machines. Thanks to their strong adhesion, the magnetic pockets can also withstand transport. They are very convenient because they are non-slip, but at the same time, you can reposition them easily.

Display pockets with neodymium magnets

If you value ultra-strong adhesion, we can recommend fastening with the Neodom magnet. Neodymium magnets are mega-magnets that have incredible forces even at the smallest size. They are the strongest permanent magnets the industry produces. They can bear a thousand times their weight and stand out clearly from commercially available magnets. Small neodymium magnets are just as strong as larger conventional magnets. We use neodymium magnets to exploit their superpowers for special requirements that some work environments entail. Whether it's many papers or even small objects, Neodom magnets keep them securely in place. Even when subjected to strong vibrations on metal shelves or mesh boxes, neodymium magnetic pockets adhere perfectly and protect their valuable inner workings.

Accessories for display pockets

In addition to display pockets in various colours, formats and fastening options, you will also find all the accessories you need for safe storage and transport in our range. Whether galvanised and rustproof industrial clips, transparent hanging clips, metal brackets made of spring steel or practical self-adhesive strips: discover our range. You will also find plastic spikes, adhesive suckers and cable ties. Of course, we also offer magnetic strips and neodymium disc magnets for extra stronghold.

Order display pockets: at LPS - Lean Production Shop

If you want to use display pockets in your company, you have come to the right place! We offer you a large selection at top conditions!

Quantity discounts and samples

Our products are available in small quantities. You can often order as few as five products. If, on the other hand, you need larger amounts of display pockets, you can benefit from our attractive discounts. Would you like to convince yourself of our quality made in Germany? Then try out our samples!

Customised display pocket

We also offer custom-made products for ideal use, precisely tailored to your requirements. You can choose the format, the size, the materials and the colours. Thanks to our production, we can offer you custom-made products in small quantities.

Processing and delivery

You can easily order display pockets from us. On each product detail page, you can see whether the selected variant is ready for immediate dispatch and how long the delivery time will be. We process your order quickly and deliver it promptly. Your display pockets will soon be available for use in your company. As a rule, you will receive your ordered products within just a few days.